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When to start enjoying your coffees?

We roast to order and ship coffee beans, in order to maximize freshness. For best cup results, we observed the following windows for optimal tasting times, from the date of roasting  :

  • Slow methods (filter coffee): from 5 days for the standard roast (Omni-light), from one week for the Filter roast, and up to 6 weeks after roasting

  • Espresso: ​​ from 7 days for the Espresso roast, from 10 days for the standard roast, and up to 6 weeks after roasting

How to store your coffee?

After opening the coffee bags, it is preferable to use the beans fairly quickly, as exposure to the air accelerates the development of  compounds with unpleasant aromas. The coffee can be stored in the original bag or in an airtight container.


Refrigeration is usually not necessary, but it is possible to store the coffee in the freezer to extend its shelf life. In this case it is best to avoid successive returns to room temperature: the condensation of air humidity on the surface of the beans could alter the coffee.


Given the variety of extraction methods and equipment available, it is difficult to offer more general recommendations that will apply for sure to your actual preparation conditions.

For any advice on the extraction of our coffees, do not hesitate to contact us by email or via Instagram  and we will be happy to help you!

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