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Roasting adapted to the intended preparation methods

Standard roast: Omni-light

Our standard Omni-light roast can be used for traditional slow extraction methods (immersion, percolation) as well as for espresso, when grinding is performed with a separate grinder.

In an automatic espresso machine (with a built-in grinder), Omni-Light roasted beans will generally lead to fast and difficult to control extractions, and result in thin cups of coffee (little texture, thin crema) with a strong (possibly unpleasant) acidity.


Espresso roast

With the Espresso roast, our beans can be used in automatic machines with an integrated grinder.

The Espresso roast can also perform well with manual espresso machines coupled with a separate grinder. The drinks will then have more body and less acidity than with the standard roast level.


Filter roast

For some coffees, a lighter roast than Omni-light is also possible. It provides a different flavor profile that some may prefer. This roast degree will be particularly suitable for extraction methods favoring a long contact time (immersion, percolation).

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We do not offer dark roasts, traditionally used for very short espresso shots, as we find it becomes too difficult to perceive the intrinsic qualities of the beans, which we select precisely because they have these qualities.

For each new green coffee we select, we use a rigorous analytical approach to determine the roast profiles that yield the best results in the cup for different extraction techniques.

Depending on the aromatic profile and on the characteristics of the coffees, we may offer 1 or 2 degrees of roasting only, when we establish that another roast level does not yield truly satisfactory cups.


Perhaps more for coffee than for any other product, the variety of the available offer shows the diversity of what is possible to enjoy in this drink. This is a consequence of the rich aromas and flavors that coffee can produce. Thus, some may enjoy our Espresso roast for brewing filter coffee, while others will prefer to pull espresso shots from our Filter roast.

We therefore invite you to consider our recommendations as general indicative guides, rather than as strict prescriptions. The most important thing is that everyone enjoys a good cup of coffee!


That said, our methodical approach and the precision of our roasting equipment allow us to ensure a  very stable output: once you determine which roast levels best suit your needs, you can expect to enjoy our coffees for a long time.

Notre offre de torréfaction: À propos de nous
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