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Colombia - Finca Andaluz - Washed Wush Wush - 250g

Colombia - Finca Andaluz - Washed Wush Wush - 250g

Discover the Wush Wush, a coffee with distant origins and secret aromas!


This coffee comes from a local variety discovered in the Wushwush region of south-west Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. It was introduced to South America in the 1990s, where it has adapted to the terroirs of Colombia and Panama.


This batch was grown by Manfred Hiller, a passionate and innovative producer, who followed a rigorous and controlled fermentation protocol to reveal the full potential of this exceptional coffee. After harvesting, the coffee cherries are placed in closed bags for 48 hours of fermentation, then depulped and fermented again for 24 hours at a controlled temperature. The drying process can last up to 10 days.


This coffee offers a refined and surprising tasting experience, as it reveals its qualities with sobriety but with great assurance: it offers very expressive but balanced cups, never exuberant. Sweetness, acidity and umami combine perfectly to enhance the delicate notes of warm butter, white peach and black tea.



Region: Quindio

Produceur: Manfred Hiller, Finca Andaluz

Variety: Wush Wush

Harvest: February 2023

Process: Washed

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