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Colombia Finca La Vega - 250g

Colombia Finca La Vega - 250g

Region: Acevedo, Huila

Producer: Hugo Gualaco – Finca La Vega

Harvest: July 2021

Variety: Bourbon rose

Processing: Anaerobic natural (80h)


This very special coffee has a high acidity and a complex aromatic profile, with notes of red fruits (raspberry, strawberry) and spices. the natural anaerobic treatment also gives it a reasonably fermented character, the intensity of which can be modulated according to the level of roasting chosen, the technique and the extraction parameters used.


We especially appreciate it in espresso (in its Omni-light version), for its velvety texture, its high acidity and its great length in the mouth, but the 3 degrees of roasting are available.


Don Hugo Gualaco, originally from Tolima, arrived in Acevedo, Huila at the age of 13 with his coffee farmer uncle who lent him 2 hectares of land so he could produce his own coffee. Subsequently he managed to buy 4 hectares of land where he formed his Finca, La Vega, in San Adolfo (birthplace of Bourbon rose), where he lives today with his wife and 3 sons. Don Hugo's philosophy is not to seek to produce volume. On its 4 hectares you can find 80% Bourbon rose and 20% Caturra. 5 years ago he received training on treatments post-harvest and has since started to optimize the processes of fermentation and drying of its micro batches.



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