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Colombia - Fincamigos - Washed Tabi - 250g

Colombia - Fincamigos - Washed Tabi - 250g

This washed coffee from the Jardín region of Colombia is striking for its great sweetness and delicate aromas, with buttery, vegetal (tea), citrus and red fruit notes, as well as blond caramel. The acidity is high, the texture quite thin but velvety in espresso.


This coffee is very easy to extract and gives very good results in its Omni-light roast version, both for gentle extraction methods (percolation, immersion) and in espresso, when a separate grinder is used.


The Espresso roast level is also possible, for those who want more texture and/or a more restrained acidity, or for espresso in automatic machines (with an integrated grinder).


Region: Antioquia

Producer: Fincamigos

Variety: Tabi

Harvest: 2022

Post-harvest treatment: Washed



Fincamigos is a farm located in the beautiful region of Jardín, in the department of Antioquia, in the northwest of Colombia. The farm is located between 1741 and 1950 meters above sea level and covers 16 hectares of which 12 are planted with coffee. Among the varieties planted on the farm are Laurina, Sudan Rume, Tabi and Geisha. The farm has 4 hectares for forest conservation to protect the natural environment. It has also planted 650 native trees and plants.


The Tabi varietal was developed by Cenicafe in 2002 to combat leaf rust. It is a cross between Typica, Bourbon and Timor Hybrid. Its name comes from the word "tabi", which means "good" in Guambiano, the dialect of an indigenous tribe in Colombia. It was planted on Fincamigos in 2018.


After selective picking and washing, this coffee has been pulped and then dry fermented for 48 hours before being subsequently washed and cleaned, then dried on raised beds until the humidity reaches 11%.

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