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Colombia - Aroma Nativo - Geisha EMV - 250g

Colombia - Aroma Nativo - Geisha EMV - 250g

Are you looking for an exceptional coffee that will take you on a journey with its flavours and aromas?


Discover this new Geisha, grown in Colombia and processed by Luis Marcelino using lactic fermentation, an innovative process that gives it exceptional smoothness and aromatic complexity.


You'll be immediately seduced by its subtle notes of freshly crushed cardamom, lemongrass and lemon zest, which blend harmoniously into a buttery, velvety texture. You'll appreciate the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness, leaving you with a fresh, light impression. You'll want to prolong this moment of pleasure, which will make you forget the passing of time.



Region: Huila Acevedo (1600 - 1700 m)

Produceur: Luis Marcelino, Veci Project

Variety: Geisha

Harvest: June 2023 – Lot EMV23058 (382 kg)

Process: Honey, Lactic Fermentation



After selective picking and an initial sorting by hand, the whole cherries of this Geisha coffee variety underwent a fermentation stage in the absence of oxygen, before being pulped. A second stage of fermentation in sealed barrels was then carried out, with inoculation of lactic bacteria from the fermentation of a previously treated batch.


Drying: 15 days in a parabolic dryer, then stabilisation for 3 months in a temperature-controlled chamber.


For the past four years, Aroma Nativo has been forging links between unknown Colombian coffee producers and renowned roasters from all over the world.

In 2022, Luis Marcelino, founder of Aroma Nativo, took things a step further by launching the Veci project: collaborative coffee production between coffee producers who have good agronomic practices but lack the infrastructure and space on their farms to process their coffee, and Aroma Nativo, which contributes its knowledge and processing facilities located in the south of Huila and the department of Quindio.

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