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Colombia - Geisha Travel - 250g

Colombia - Geisha Travel - 250g

After "Wild", here is a new coffee designed by Luis Marcelino, founder of Aroma Nativo.


This is a Geisha variety, treated with a process similar to Wild, which gives this coffee a very singular aromatic profile.


Floral notes of honeysuckle and rosewood are particularly clean and intense, and work beautifully with aromas of mango and yellow peach. Some citrus notes complete the picture.


In espresso, Travel impresses with its balance of flavors and aromas, a well-present but contained acidity, which integrates perfectly with the whole cup. The texture is silky, with an everlasting finish.


Despite the very elaborate post-harvest treatment, Travel is distinguished by a good sobriety in the presentation of its qualities, which leaves the beautiful part to the genuine delicate character of the Geisha variety.


Region: Acevedo, Huila (1600 m)

Producer: Aroma Nativo

Variety: Colombia

Harvest: September 2022

Processing: Honey, lactic fermentation


A first step of anaerobic fermentation of the coffee cherries is carried out before pulping; the second fermentation stage is also carried out in hermetic barrels, after inoculation of lactic bacteria isolated from the fermentation juice of a previous batch of the same variety (Geisha).


The coffee is then dried for 8 days in a parabolic dryer, then 4 days in a mechanical dryer, used intermittently, at 33°C. Finally, the coffee is stabilized for 4 months, in a controlled temperature storage.

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