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Colombia - Jairo López - Natural Geisha - 250g

Colombia - Jairo López - Natural Geisha - 250g

This coffee is produced on a 14-hectare block in the "La Esperanza" farm, run by Jairo López Agudelo. The Geisha trees are pruned so that the ripe coffee cherries can be harvested throughout the year. 


After harvesting and several stages of sorting, the cherries of this Geisha undergo carbonic maceration, with constant monitoring of the fermentation conditions (temperature, pH), at the end of which the coffee cherries are placed on raised beds, where they are dried, under cover, for 20 to 25 days, to reach a moisture content of 14%.


The coffee is then placed in closed bags for 3 days to stabilise.


The final humidity level of 10.5 to 11.5% is reached thanks to a final drying stage in the sun.


The result of this complex and meticulous process is an intense coffee with a wide range of aromas, a skilful blend of red fruit, exotic fruit and ganache. Delicate notes of rum and vanilla round off the tasting, while the bright acidity is a delicious complement to this explosive flavour palette.


This Geisha is very expressive, whatever the extraction method; we particularly like it in cappuccino!

Region: Pijao, Quindío

Producer: Jairo López, La Esperanza

Variety: Geisha  

Harvest: October 2023

Process: Carbonic Maceration, Natural

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