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Colombia - La Bonita - Washed Pink Bourbon - 250g

Colombia - La Bonita - Washed Pink Bourbon - 250g

The meticulous post-harvest processing conducted by Jorge Rojas gives this Pink Bourbon intensely fruity aromas, reminiscent of ripe, sun-drenched grapes. But that's not all! The filter extractions will transport you back to your memories of cherries in brandy, with a subtle hint of vanilla that caresses the palate. Its sweetness is simply irresistible.

This Pink Bourbon, born of attentive care, is a rare treat to cherish.

Region: Planadas, Tolima (1990 m)

Producer: Carlos Andrade, La Bonita

Processing: Jorge Elias Rojas Vásquez

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Harvest: January 2024

Process: Washed

Jorge Rojas was born in 1988. With only 12 years he lost his father and started to work together with his mam on the family-owned coffee farm. He finished his school career after the 3rd grade and dedicated his life to coffee.

He always wanted to produce high-end coffee and started soon to be part of the association called ASOPEP Planadas. From the beginning he has been using techniques of ecological agriculture and together with other 300 farms they got their organic BIO certificate via ASOPEP. So, he is one of the few producers of organic high-end specialty coffee.

In 2021 he started buying as well coffee cherries from his family and neighbors due to his amazing work as a coffee producer. He nowadays owns three coffee farms and processes in the village at his processing plant cherries from 12 different farms.

This Pink Bourbon was harvested in January 2024, brought down to Planadas in the evening and fermented as whole cherries in barrels with the lid on. After 36h it was pulped and put back into the fermentation tanks for another 36 hours. Finishing the time it was gently washed, and it has undergone a mechanical drying process, imitating natural drying. That means the silo was turned on for 8 hours, then the coffee rested for 16 hours, it was turned on again, etc. At a humidity level of 20 % he stored the coffee in his warehouse for 48 hours to let the water activity stabilize again and finished the drying process.

This is how Jorge presents Carlos in a beautiful way:

Carlos André, the passionate coffee grower, has woven a life of dedication and love for the land on the La Bonita farm. With 2.5 hectares, over the years, the land has witnessed the initial cultivation of sugarcane and fruit trees that marked the beginning of his agricultural journey.

Six years ago, determined to explore new horizons, Carlos André entered the challenging but rewarding world of specialty coffee. His choice, the Pink Bourbon variety, not only reflects his boldness, but also his appreciation for the exotic and unique. This change in agricultural focus has transformed his farm La Bonita, located at an altitude of 1990 m, in the beautiful El Jardin, into a corner full of captivating aromas and picturesque landscapes.

Together with his wife, Luis Carlos Andrade Tovar, the couple has cultivated not only the land, but also a vibrant family. With three children, Marco David, Karla Celeste and Miguel Angel, the farm has become a home full of laughter, hard work and the sweet fragrance of growing coffee.

Every day at the Bonita is a new page in the book of Carlos Andre's life. The Pink Bourbon coffee harvest is not just an annual event, but an evolving chapter that highlights his commitment to quality and authenticity. The story that unfolds on this land, rich in tradition and shared passions, is a legacy that will resonate throughout time, uniting future generations with the deep roots of the Andrade family.

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