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Colombia - La Dinastía - Washed Pink Bourbon - 250g

Colombia - La Dinastía - Washed Pink Bourbon - 250g

Dive into a world of flavors with this elegant Pink Bourbon from Wilder Lazo.

Imagine yourself savoring an infusion with bewitching aromas of orange blossom, hibiscus and sun-kissed red fruit. The lively, sparkling acidity blends perfectly with an intense sweetness that envelops you like a sugary caress.

The Omni-light roast reveals the fruity side of this Pink Bourbon, with notes of blackcurrant, particularly intense at the end of the tasting. Its velvety texture takes you to new heights of espresso pleasure.

The Filter roast produces more taut, tangy and delicate beverages, for a taste experience full of nuances.

Region: San Adolfo, Huila (1500 m)

Producer: Wilder & Heiner Lazo, La Dinastía

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Harvest: February 2024

Process: Washed

Fermentation: 48 hours in the mucilage, submerged in water

Drying: 12 days on raised beds

Wilder Lazo is actually a veterinarian specialized in livestock farming. As the coffee price continued to decline in 2016 and his father fell seriously ill, he decided to bring the family farm up to speed together with his brother.

Initially, their coffees scored between 80-83 points on the cupping scale, despite elaborate processes and preparations. Wilder started examining soil samples and using targeted nutrients and fertilizers to neutralize the pH value, thereby increasing the availability of nutrients for the coffee trees. He refers to this as precision agriculture.

Wilder Lazo ensures that the soil is very well supplied with nutrients. Then, the fully ripe, extremely large fruits are harvested and washed in water tanks to separate them from impurities and floating beans.

This Pink Bourbon should taste just like plain variety: floral, fruity, hints of spicy, velvet mouthfeel. That’s why we have chosen a relatively short fermentation, submerged in water. This highlights especially the intrinsic body of a typical Rosado or Pink Bourbon.

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