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Colombia - La Esperanza - Honey Pink Bourbon - 250g

Colombia - La Esperanza - Honey Pink Bourbon - 250g

Have you heard of Bourbon Rose coffee? It's a rare, delicate coffee that will introduce you to new and enchanting aromas!


This coffee is grown by Wilder Lasso, who took over the family farm La Esperanza in San Adolfo, in the Huila region of Colombia.


The initial fermentation lasts 48 hours in an unsubmerged open system, then the coffee is immersed and fermented for a further 36 hours. The coffee is then pulped and dried in the sun for 20 days. For the first 3 days, the coffee is stirred every 4 hours to ensure a more even drying.


This Bourbon Rose coffee offers a palette of intense floral flavours that will remind you of the scent of a garden in bloom. You'll notice notes of Ho wood, honeysuckle, bergamot and a final touch of black tea. You'll also be amazed by its sparkling acidity, particularly surprising in espresso extraction!



Region: Acevedo, Huila

Produceur: Wilder Lasso, Finca La Esperanza

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Harvest: February 2023

Process: Honey

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