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Colombia Anaerobic natural Gesha - La Estrella - 250g

Colombia Anaerobic natural Gesha - La Estrella - 250g

An explosive coffee, with remarkable acidity and high aromatic intensity due to the anaerobic fermentation. The beans and the coffee grinds have ganache scents, the filter extractions beautiful aromas of caramel and red fruits (strawberry jam), as well as a high acidity.


In espresso, rum and raisin aromas are quite noticeable, accompanied by a surreal acidity. The extreme liveliness of this coffee can be tamed by simply lengthening the extraction ratio.


Available in Omni-light, Filter and Espresso roasts


Region: Quindío

Producer: Jairo and César López, La Estrella

Elevation: 1700 – 1750 m

Harvest: May 2021

Variety: Gesha

Process: Anaerobic natural (64 h), made at La Cristalina

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