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Colombia Natural Sidra - Nestor Lasso - 125g

Colombia Natural Sidra - Nestor Lasso - 125g

This coffee, created by Nestor Lasso at his El Diviso farm, has a surreal aromatic intensity (passion fruit, guava, chocolate), coupled with a very high acidity. It illustrates beautifully how post-harvest processing of coffee cherries can reveal unexpected aromas.


This natural Sidra is also a good example of the coffees used in the competitions of recent years: this particular lot has reached 2nd place in this year's French Brewers Cup and Barista competitions!


You will be able to appreciate all its qualities both in filter extraction and in espresso by choosing our "Omni-light" roast level.


The "Filter" roast will allow you to achieve an even more subtle and refined tasting experience, provided that you use more sophisticated extraction techniques/parameters (flat burr grinder, higher water temperature...).


Region: Huila

Producer: Nestor Lasso, El Diviso

Altitude: 1750 m

Variety: Bourbon Sidra

Processing: Natural, 5 steps of fermentation / drying

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