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Colombia - Aroma Nativo - Pink Bourbon EFM - 250g

Colombia - Aroma Nativo - Pink Bourbon EFM - 250g

If you like fruity, floral coffees, you're going to love this new creation!


This coffee is an exclusive batch made by Luis Marcelino, who has developed a unique method of fermenting coffee that reveals all the aromatic richness of this exceptional coffee.


This coffee offers you a bouquet of intense flavours, reminiscent of the best Gewurztraminer vintages. You'll be seduced by its notes of ripe grapes, lychee, rose and grapefruit, which combine perfectly in a creamy, smooth texture. You'll love its lively, refreshing acidity, which will send shivers down your spine!



Region: Huila Acevedo (1600 m)

Produceur: Luis Marcelino, Veci Project

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Harvest: July 2023 – Lot EFM 3144 (408 kg)

Process: Honey, double fermentation



For this special batch, the whole, ripe cherries of this pink Bourbon variety coffee underwent a fermentation stage in the absence of oxygen, after which they were pulped. A second stage of fermentation in sealed casks was then carried out, with inoculation of native bacteria and specific yeasts.


Drying: 12 days in a parabolic dryer, then stabilisation for 2.5 months in a temperature-controlled chamber.


For the past four years, Aroma Nativo has been forging links between unknown Colombian coffee producers and renowned roasters from all over the world.

In 2022, Luis Marcelino, founder of Aroma Nativo, took things a step further by launching the Veci project: collaborative coffee production between coffee producers who have good agronomic practices but lack the infrastructure and space on their farms to process their coffee, and Aroma Nativo, which contributes its knowledge and processing facilities located in the south of Huila and the department of Quindio.

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