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Colombia - Santa Barbara - Lot #1 - Washed Geisha - 250g

Colombia - Santa Barbara - Lot #1 - Washed Geisha - 250g

A third-generation farmer, Jhon Samboni works with his wife and daughters on his farm, Santa Barbara, which he purchased in 2018.


He is assisted by 10 permanent employees and hires 40 additional workers during the harvest.


Located in the town of Buenavista, in the Huilan region, his farm is at an impressive altitude of 2050 meters. It produces Geisha, Catuai, Red Bourbon and Castillo varieties.



The elegance, smoothness, balance and complexity of this Geisha seduced us immediately. Its floral (freesia, orange blossom) and fruity (bergamot, dried grapes) notes, and its very sweet voluptuous texture, reminded us even of some great Geishas grown in Panama!



Region: Buenavista, Huila

Producer: Jhon Samboni

Variety: Geisha

Harvest: Winter 2022/2023

Processing: Washed

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