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Colombia - Wild - 250g

Colombia - Wild - 250g

Wild is back!


If it cannot hide its kinship with the previous version of this coffee, this new batch, harvested in early fall 2022, presents a slightly different aromatic balance: citrus and lemongrass are less explosive, in favor of spices and of a few sugary notes (cotton candy, toffee).


A floral side (honeysuckle) is also present, and the integration of acidity is smooth, regardless of the extraction method used.


Region: Armenia, Quindio (1550 m)

Producer: Finca Aroma Nativo

Variety: Colombia

Harvest: September 2022

Processing: Honey, lactic fermentation


After harvesting, Wild undergoes two distinct fermentation stages: first, 120 hours in whole cherries, then, after pulping, 36 hours of additional fermentation in sealed barrels, with inoculation of lactic acid bacteria from the fermentation of Geisha variety coffee.


The coffee is then dried for 20 days in parabolic dryers, then stabilized in bags for 1 month, in a cooler storage.

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