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Colombia - Wild - 250g

Colombia - Wild - 250g

This coffee benefits from the latest innovations in post-harvest processing: first, 120 hours of anaerobic fermentation (without oxygen), in whole cherries, then, after pulping, an additional 36 hours of fermentation in sealed barrels, with inoculation of lactic bacteria from the fermentation of Geisha coffee.


The coffee is then sun dried for 20 days in parabolic dryers, then stored for 1 more month in Grain-pro bags, in a cooler warehouse to stabilize.


The result is a surprisingly complex coffee with a beautiful aromatic balance. Notes of honeysuckle, grapefruit, lemongrass, rose, bergamot, dried grapes and chocolate. As is often the case with coffees with sophisticated processing, the sweetness and acidity are very high.


The results in cups are admirable regardless of the extraction method used, and Wild is also excellent when mixed with all types of milk.


Region: Armenia, Quindio (1550 m)

Producer: Finca Aroma Nativo

Varietal: Colombia

Harvest: May 2022

Process: Honey, Lactic Fermentation

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