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Panama Geisha - Finca Deborah Morpho - 125g

Panama Geisha - Finca Deborah Morpho - 125g

This is an even more experimental version of Illumination, which results in a cup that is a little more oriented towards citrus (bergamot, candied lemon) and vanilla caramel, but clearly from the same family as Illumination (this is also a washed Geisha).


Available in Omni-light and Filter versions.


Region: Volcan, Chiriqui

Producer: Jamison Savage - Finca Deborah

Altitude: 1950m

Variety: Geisha, Green Tip

Process: Washed, yeast inoculated


During the de-pulping operation of this coffee, a certain amount of fruit is retained around the coffee beans. The yeasts, left in contact with the grains for more than 50 hours, will consume the majority of the residual fruit fraction. This meticulous treatment results, in the cup, in enhanced aromas, acidity and mouthfeel.

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