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Ethiopia Gesha Village - Lot #EX-29 - 125g

Ethiopia Gesha Village - Lot #EX-29 - 125g

After harvesting, the coffee cherries were cold fermented for 60 hours in the presence of oxygen (aerobic process). This step of the treatment has increased the aromatic potential of this coffee, which presents delicious fragrances of raspberry and rose, blackcurrant and cherry liqueur aromas, accompanied by a solid acidity, a lot of roundness and a nice thick mouthfeel.


Available in Omni-light and Filter roasts.


Region: Bench Maji

Producer: Gesha Village Coffee Estate

Block: Surma

Elevation: 1909 - 2063 m

Harvest: 2022

Variety: Gesha 1931

Process: Natural with 60 hours of cold aerobic fermentation (< 15°C) and 26 days of drying

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