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Ethiopia Gesha Village - Lot #E-41 - 125g

Ethiopia Gesha Village - Lot #E-41 - 125g

From the same block - Surma - as our "Nature #115" lot, this coffee perfectly illustrates the role of post-harvest processing in the making of great coffees. With a similar base of sweetness, florals and structured acidity, E-41 presents intense aromas of fruit (raspberry, strawberry, orange) and liqueurs (cherry, Cointreau), impressive sweetness and roundness, and a superb lingering finish.


One of our favourite coffees for espresso extractions and milk drinks.


Available in Filter and Omni-light roasts.


Region: Bench Maji

Producer: Gesha Village Coffee Estate

Block: Surma

Elevation: 1909 - 2063 m

Harvest: 2023

Variety: Gesha 1931

Processing: Natural, with 60 hours fermentation in bags and 26 days drying in the sun

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