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Ethiopia Gora - 250g

Ethiopia Gora - 250g

Region : Bekele

Altitude : 2000 - 2100m

Variety: Gibirinna & Serto

Harvest: 2021

Processing : Natural


This lot was created thanks to the collaboration of 20 farmers who live in the village of Gora. All these producers grow the Gibirrina and Serto varieties (74110 & 74112), isolated and selected for their disease resistance. After harvest, a special care is given to the daily monitoring of the drying of the coffee cherries, to ensure quality and longevity to this coffee.


These beans have a moderate acidity and a very rich aromatic palette with lots of fruit and, depending on the level of roasting and the extraction method, complementary notes that are more floral or more chocolate! It is therefore a coffee that will suit the greatest number, provided you like very aromatic coffees.



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