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Ethiopia Tessema Edima - Washed Kurume - 250g

Ethiopia Tessema Edima - Washed Kurume - 250g

This washed coffee with balanced acidity has beautiful floral notes (orange blossom, violet) and aromas reminiscent of white peach. In espresso, these aromas are complemented by notes of almonds and milk chocolate, accompanied by a particularly velvety texture.


Available in our 3 roasting levels.


Region: Yirgacheffe, Gedeo

Producer: Tessema Edima, Aricha washing station

Elevation: 2000 - 2050 m

Harvest: 2021 - 2022

Variety: Kurume

Processing: Washed


The producer, Mr. Tessema Edima, grows this coffee on 5 hectares and the coffee cherries from his harvest are processed by the Aricha washing station, separately from the other batches, which, most of the time, are a mixture of several farms in the region. This coffee is therefore a good example of the work of a single family of coffee growers, whose attention to detail - picking the coffee cherries at their optimum level of ripeness, in particular - explains the qualities found in the cup.

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