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Ethiopia Yosef Yohannis - Lot #1 - Natural - 250g

Ethiopia Yosef Yohannis - Lot #1 - Natural - 250g

Here is another coffee from the Yirgacheffe region, this time in natural processing: the coffee beans are dried in the sun as whole cherries, without being previously pulped, contrary to what is done for washed coffees.


The result is a strong character and intense aromas of ripe fruit, reminiscent of peach and exotic fruit, with high acidity and lots of sugar (honey, cotton candy). Orange aromas are also perceptible in the finish.


In espresso, this coffee produces very aromatic cups, with a great roundness and a thick texture.


This coffee is available in our 3 roast levels.


Region: Yirgacheffe

Producer: Yosef Yohannis

Altitude: 1900 - 2200 m

Harvest: 2022

Variety: Dega, Wolisho

Processing: Natural


Yosef Yohannis is a young coffee grower based in Tulissie, Yirgacheffe. She grew up in a family dedicated to coffee, and now continues the family tradition with her siblings who also participate in the farm activities.


Yosef strives to offer larger volumes to the international market, always keeping quality in mind. For her coffee trees, Yosef uses organic fertilizers made from animal waste and tree leaves.


After harvesting, the coffee cherries are placed on raised beds made of bamboo, where they dry for 14 to 20 days.

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