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Kenya - Gicherori AA - Lot #080 - 250g

Kenya - Gicherori AA - Lot #080 - 250g

We're delighted to present a coffee from the Embu region, a less renowned coffee-growing area than Kirinyaga and Nyeri, but which over the years has produced increasingly high-quality coffees.


This lot, selected by Nordic Approach, offers a beautiful aromatic palette, evocative of red currants and red gooseberries, rhubarb and lime. The high sweetness (caramel, honey) is accompanied by an umami character reminiscent of tomatoes candied in butter. The light texture and delicate floral finish also contribute to making Gicherori AA Lot #80 particularly enjoyable.


Region: Embu

Producer: Gicherori Coffee Factory

Variety: SL28, SL34, K7, Ruiru 11, Batian

Process: Washed

Harvest: 2023


After picking, the coffee cherries are delivered to the washing station, where they are pulped (the skin and pulp of the fruit are mechanically removed), fermented in large tanks and washed with clean water. The waste water is cleaned before being led back into the environment. After washing, the coffee is dried on African beds that allow good air circulation between the beans. The beans are dried to between 11 and 13% and then taken to the Central Kenya Coffee Mill in Nyeri for screening and sorting.

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