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Kenya - Muchagara AA - Lot #024 - 250g

Kenya - Muchagara AA - Lot #024 - 250g

Several hundred farmers in the Kirinyaga region were involved in this lot.


Once delivered to the washing station, the coffee cherries are first sorted before entering production. After pulping, the coffees are treated by dry fermentation, before being washed in channels, where a new selection takes place, according to the density of the beans. After washing, the coffees are dried on raised beds. Finally, the coffees are sifted (separated into different size fractions: AA, AB, PB...), before being packed.


This is our first Kenyan coffee of the season, which provides us with a delicious wave of acidity, intense and refreshing. The very expressive and complex aromatic profile offers some floral and candied tomato fragrances, and aromas reminiscent of red berries (black currant, redcurrant) and rhubarb.


The combination of high acidity and sweetness makes this coffee particularly easy to drink in filter extraction, in spite of its rather fine texture.


On the other hand, its very bright and acidic character seems to us less suitable for espresso extractions in automatic machines. Therefore, we only offer Muchagara in Filter and Omni-light roasts.


Region: Kirinyaga

Producer: Several hundred producers, Muchagara washing station

Altitude: 1700 - 1800 m

Variety: SL 28, Ruiru 11 and SL 34

Processing: Washed

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