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Kenya - Thimu AA - Lot #062 - 250g

Kenya - Thimu AA - Lot #062 - 250g

This Kenyan washed coffee was processed in the Thimu wet mill in the Kirinyaga region. The coffee cherries were grown and harvested by several farmers on the slopes of Mount Kenya.


This lot #062 is mainly composed of the SL34 variety. Only the largest beans were selected (AA fraction).


We literally fell in love with this coffee which we found extremely balanced, sweet and juicy, with its lime and rhubarb flavor notes. Of course, it also has the lively acidity typical of Kenyan grown coffees.


This coffee is very easy to extract, we enjoy it both in V60 and espresso, where we found that a sharp drop in pressure in the second half of the shot helped to achieve a smooth and balanced cup.


Region: Kirinyaga

Producer: Thimu washing station

Elevation: 1600 - 1800 m

Variety: SL34 (90%), SL28, K7, Ruiru 11

Harvest: 2022

Process: Washed

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