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Kenya Wanjegi AA - 250g

Kenya Wanjegi AA - 250g

This coffee has a high acidity and an aromatic profile that is typical of the SL28 and SL34 varieties grown in Kenya, with, mainly, aromas of tomatoes roasted in butter, and more delicate notes of blackcurrant.


Available only in standard roast (Omni-light), we enjoy this coffee especially in filter extraction (V60 in our case), but it is also possible to appreciate it in espresso.


Region: Abadares

Producer: Kahuhia Farmers Cooperative Society

Altitude: 1700 - 1850m

Variety: SL28 & 34

Treatment: Washed


More than 1,500 active members supply the Wanjegi washing station, which is located between the Mount Kenya and the range of the Aberdare.

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