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Panama Geisha - Anthem

Panama Geisha - Anthem

Anthem is made from Geisha cherries picked in the Boquete and Volcan regions, at an altitude of over 1,600 metres. Savage Coffees selects its growers/partners for the quality of their agronomy. These Geisha cherries are quickly transported to an African drying system where they undergo a second sorting and are dried in the shade for more than 20 days. This slow process allows the coffee beans to develop a rich, delicate aromatic profile, capturing the sweet, complex flavour of the fruit. The cherries are stirred regularly to ensure even drying and to avoid unwanted aromas.


When the coffee reaches a residual moisture content of 10.5-11%, it is placed in hermetically sealed bags and stored for several weeks at a cool, stable temperature. This resting period allows the moisture content of the coffee beans to even out and the aromas to develop.


Finally, the parchment coffee is hulled and sorted according to size, density and colour, before being shipped.


Anthem has subtle floral aromas, a very high sweetness and very lively acidity! Notes of ripe fruit can be found throughout the tasting, as well as vanilla aromas reminiscent of some aged rums.


Anthem can be enjoyed both as filter extraction and as espresso, and we particularly like it as cappuccino!


Region: Boquete Valley, Volcán

Producer: Jamison Savage

Altitude: > 1600 m

Variety: Geisha

Harvest: 2023

Process: Nature

    PriceFrom €35.00
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