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Panama Geisha Deborah Illumination - 125g

Panama Geisha Deborah Illumination - 125g

Illumination is an exceptional coffee, with a singular fragrance of flowers (violet, lavender) and fruit aromas (white peach), good acidity and lots of sweetness. Extracted in a filter, this coffee has a surprisingly thick texture. Very complex and delicate.


Available in Omni-light and Filter versions.


Region: Volcan, Chiriqui

Producer: Jamison Savage - Finca Deborah

Altitude : 1950m

Variety : Geisha, Green Tip

Treatment : Washed, carbonic maceration


The carbonic maceration technique, transposed from the world of wine by Jamison Savage since 2015, allows greater control of the fermentation of depulped coffee beans, accentuates the aromatic development and acidity of coffees, thus revealing the qualities of the variety and the terroir of this exceptional Geisha.

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