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Panama Geisha - Finca Deborah Elipse

Panama Geisha - Finca Deborah Elipse

Elipse is one of the most sophisticated coffees, developed by Jamison Savage on his farm Finca Deborah.


After harvesting, the whole coffee cherries are moved into closed tanks, in which nitrogen (an inert gas) can be circulated, replacing oxygen and allowing better control of the cherry environment during this first stage of the fermentation process. This initial operation, which lasts around 50 hours, is carried out with careful control of temperature and pH, to avoid the development of undesirable aromas.


At the end of this first stage, the coffee is washed: the skin and pulp of the fruit are entirely removed. Next, the washed coffee is placed on the 2nd level of a 3-level drying bed system designed by Jamison Savage, which ensures gentle, even drying in the shade to prevent damage from direct exposure to sunlight or excessive heat. Again, throughout the drying process, the temperature and humidity levels of the environment are controlled and maintained within well-defined limits.


When the coffee reaches a residual moisture content of 11% - after around 12 days - it is placed in hermetically sealed bags and stored for several weeks at a cool, stable temperature. This resting period allows the moisture content of the coffee beans to even out, and finalizes the aromatic development.


Finally, the parchment coffee is hulled and sorted according to size, density and color, before being shipped.


The result of this complex process, combined with the Geisha variety grown in a terroir ideal for developing its qualities, is an exceptional coffee of unprecedented elegance and aromatic complexity. In filter extraction, notes of citrus (bergamot, mandarin) and red fruit (raspberry, cherry) are accompanied by delicate scents of rose. The finish is long, sweet and with a structured acidity. These qualities can be appreciated throughout the entire tasting experience, even after the precious nectar has cooled completely.


We roast Elipse preferentially for filter extractions, but its many qualities can also be appreciated in espresso extractions!


Region: Boquete Valley, Volcán

Producer: Jamison Savage, Finca Deborah

Elevation: > 1900 m

Variety: Geisha

Harvest: 2023

Process: Natural Nitrogen Macerated, Washed

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