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Panama Geisha - Finca Deborah Illumination - 125g

Panama Geisha - Finca Deborah Illumination - 125g

Illumination is a perfect illustration of the carbonic maceration treatment developed by Jamison Savage since 2015.


It is a washed coffee: the majority of the coffee cherry pulp is removed just after harvest, before the carbonic maceration stage.

The coffee is then placed in closed tanks, in which carbon dioxide can be circulated, replacing oxygen and allowing better control of the cherry environment during this first stage of the fermentation process. This initial operation is carried out under careful temperature and pH control, to avoid the development of undesirable aromas.


After this, the coffee is dried on African beds placed in the shade, to avoid any damage caused by direct exposure to sunlight or excessive heat. During drying, the temperature of the environment is controlled and maintained within well-defined limits.


When the coffee reaches a residual moisture content of 10 - 12%, it is placed in hermetically closed bags and stored for several weeks at a cool, stable temperature. This resting period helps to even out the moisture content of the coffee beans, and to finalize the aromatic development.


Finally, the parchment coffee is hulled and sorted according to size and density, before being shipped.


Illumination immediately impresses with its intense floral scents (violet, lavender), complemented by fruity notes of citrus fruit and white peaches caramelized in butter. Illumination has a lively acidity and a very high sweetness. A delight, whatever the extraction method used!


Illumination is available in Filter and Omni-light roast levels.


Region: Boquete Valley, Volcán

Producers: Jamison Savage, Finca Deborah

Elevation: > 1900 m

Variety: Geisha

Harvest: 2023

Process: Washed, Carbonic Macerated

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