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Panama Geisha - Finca Deborah Interstellar - 125g

Panama Geisha - Finca Deborah Interstellar - 125g

Here is one of the most elaborate coffees from the famous Finca Deborah farm, developed by Jamison Savage.


Natural treatment, with the addition of yeasts, for a meticulously controlled fermentation, so that the intrinsic qualities of the coffee are sublimated.


A floral (rose) and fruity (peach, strawberry) aromatic profile, extremely high acidity and sweetness.


Available in Omni-light and Filter versions.


Region: Volcan, Chiriqui

Producer: Jamison Savage - Finca Deborah

Altitude: 1950m

Variety: Geisha, Green Tip

Process: Natural, yeast inoculation


The yeasts, left in contact with the grains for more than 100 hours, will consume a good part of the pulp of the fruit. At the same time, the floral and fruity aromas will diffuse towards the coffee bean. This meticulous treatment results, in the cup, in enhanced aromas, acidity and mouthfeel.

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