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Panama Geisha - Finca Deborah Terroir - 125g

Panama Geisha - Finca Deborah Terroir - 125g

After harvesting, the coffee cherries of Terroir are processed with the traditional treatment of washed coffees, without any innovative treatment such as carbonic maceration or yeast inoculation. The result is a coffee that is more representative of the Geisha variety and the growing conditions only, hence the name "Terroir".


In the cup, this coffee has a consistently high sweetness and acidity, with distinctive aromas of flowers (violet, lavender) and spices (wild thyme), mixed with honey and buttery scents.


The aromatic typicity of Terroir is very perceptible both in filter extraction and in espresso.


Available in Omni-light and Filter roasts.


Region: Volcán, Chiriquí

Producer: Jamison Savage - Finca Deborah

Elevation: 1950 m

Harvest: 2021

Variety: Geisha, Green Tip

Process: Washed

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