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Panama Geisha - Spectrum

Panama Geisha - Spectrum

Spectrum benefits from a complex and well-controlled post-harvest treatment, the fruit of years of development by Jamison Savage.


After harvesting, the whole coffee cherries are placed in closed tanks, in which carbon dioxide can be circulated, replacing oxygen and allowing better control of the cherries' environment during this first stage of the fermentation process. This initial operation, which lasts around 100 hours, is carried out with careful control of temperature and pH, to avoid the development of undesirable aromas.


At the end of this stage, the coffee is washed: the skin and pulp of the fruit are completely removed. The washed coffee is then dried using a 3-stage system designed by Jamison Savage, which ensures gentle, even drying in the shade to prevent damage from direct sunlight or excessive heat. The coffee is agitated throughout the drying process.


When the coffee reaches a residual moisture content of 11% - after around 10 days - it is placed in hermetically sealed bags and stored for several weeks at a cool, stable temperature. This period of rest allows the moisture content of the coffee beans to even out and the aromas to develop.


Finally, the parchment coffee is hulled and sorted according to size, density and colour, before being shipped.


Spectrum has lovely floral scents, a high sweetness and notes of orange, yellow peach and tropical fruit. The fluid texture combined with the high acidity produces a finish reminiscent of certain Burgundy white wines.


Spectrum can be enjoyed both as filter extractions and as espresso!


Region: Boquete Valley, Volcán

Producer: Jamison Savage

Elevation: > 1600 m

Variety: Geisha

Harvest: 2023

Processing: Carbonic maceration in whole cherries (natural), then washed

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