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Rwanda - Gatare 533 - 250g

Rwanda - Gatare 533 - 250g

We selected this coffee for its beautiful balance and its aromatic palette, quite typical of coffees from Rwanda (or Burundi): a lot of sweetness, light notes of red fruits and spices (caraway) and a woody side that reminds us of certain wines aged in oak barrels!


Extracted as espresso, we particularly appreciate the thick and silky texture of this red Bourbon, and the ease with which it is possible to adjust the balance in the cup, between acidity and a more chocolatey character.


Available in Omni-light and Espresso roasts.


Region: Nyamasheke, Western province

Several famers, Gatare washing station

Elevation: 1800 m

Variety: Red Bourbon

Process: Natural



Rwanda has ideal conditions for growing coffee: high altitude, regular rainfall, volcanic soils with suitable organic structure, and an abundance of Bourbon.


The vast majority of Rwanda's coffee is produced by smallholders, believed to number around half a million, with plots of land generally no larger than one hectare per family.


Coffee is grown in most parts of the country, with particularly high concentrations along Lake Kivu and in the Southern Province. Rwandan smallholders organize themselves into cooperatives and share washing station services.


Gatare is one of the oldest washing stations in the country, dating back to 2003. Gatare has a long-standing reputation for being among the first stations to process very high quality coffee for export. Located in Nyamasheke District, Western Province, the station is surrounded by hills covered with coffee trees. Gatare has participated in the Cup of Excellence competition many times, and has always finished in the top scoring batches, including winners and finalists.

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