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Rwanda - Horizon Kigoma - Washed Red Bourbon - 250g

Rwanda - Horizon Kigoma - Washed Red Bourbon - 250g

This Red Bourbon stands out for its intense acidity and an aromatic character reminiscent of certain fine Kenyan coffees, with notes of lime, butter, and hibiscus. Complementary notes of black tea and spices (vanilla, caraway), quite typical of the Rwandan terroir, are more perceptible in the second part of the tasting, and more intensely in the espresso extraction. A very high sweetness also enhances the cup, whatever the method of preparation.


Region: Kigoma sector, Huye Mountain area

Producer: Horizon washing station

Variety: Red Bourbon

Elevation: 1680 meters

Process: Washed


The Horizon washing station is located at an altitude of 1,680 metres, but the surrounding farms are much higher, at almost 2,000 metres. 1,200 farmers supply the station with cherries from farms within a 2 km radius of the site.

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